Thank you for showing interest in our mission to create a conscious, sustainable, and ethical world. At Bibhitaki, we serve several patrons daily who devour our rich plant-based food, beautifully presented and prepared graciously with love.

Own a Vegan & Vegetarian Cafe at your place  

Join our hands to create a conscious, compassionate, and empathetic community. 

Bring the tropics and beach life with you. The sea and tropical life inspire our cafe design. The earthy, minimal, and laid-back chic vibes make it perfect to gather like-minded people, enjoy a holistic vibe and have a nourishing meal.  

By collaborating with us, you will partake in our mission of encouraging conscious eating, reducing carbon footprints, and promoting holistic wellness.  

Our Journey began in 2018, set under a lush coconut garden, in the earshot of the nearby Arabian sea waves, overlooking the meandering cows on a lush green meadow. Tucked in a tiny town in South Goa, Patnem-Palolem was home to our first venture. Our menu is carefully curated following a set of satvic laws to enrich your holistic wellness. 

Our customers are primarily Jains, millennials, and Gen-Z, who chose to go meatless and live a holistic lifestyle.  

Bibhitaki is a health food cafe serving Vegetarian and Vegan food headquartered in Goa. We are rated #4 on Google with the growing community of conscious tribes on Instagram. The demand for vegan food has skyrocketed globally, so we at Bibhitaki have tested kitchen recipes for all your favorite European cuisines to help you all get started. Join our hands to ditch the cruelty for a much healthy and delicious plant-based diet.